Hunt Club puppies go home at 8 weeks of age and will have been Vet checked by Dr David Brunner of the Broad Ripple Animal Clinic.   At that same time, they will get their first round of booster shots.  All of the puppies from Hunt Club Kennel come with a three generation pedigree, and are registered with the American Kennel Club.   We  feel quality is most important, and quantity is never a high priority.    We have  anywhere from four to eight  litters a year trying to breed the "best to the best"...hopefully with  each litter being better than the last.     David and I will keep a puppy or two from each litter to carry on the bloodlines at Hunt Club.   All three colors of our Labs are of equal value as are males and females.   Our lines go back to some of the finest kennels in the world.  Labradors are not all alike.  What David and I have developed over the years practicing  selective breeding, is a puppy with wonderful temperament  (which is the Hallmark of the Breed),  working ability, and good looks of a beautiful Labrador.   Our puppies have grown to become Service Dogs, Guide Dogs, Hunting Dogs, and terriffic family pets.

 Please email or call to check on current litters.   
                        (317)  873-6884

Visits to our Kennel are welcome by                 appointment.  We  would like to get to know you 
and have you meet our  crew. 


Feel free to email us to set up a time or to answer  any  questions you may have.

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