Teddy TidBits:

What a face...
What a dog...

Teddy Bear does live
up to his name.  He is
a sweet loving soul and
the epitome of a
Labrador in heart. 




Many of you might not realize that
David is an expert handler.  At a young
age of 17, David won the title of
"Best Junior Handler" at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. 
Much of what David learned as a young
man has spilled over into his expert
handling techniques of today....


Photo TidBits...
so, you think you want to be a photographer....Danger Danger!!
Amazing what goes into a photo session with the Hunt Club Clayview Clan!   Don't try this yourselves!!


Teddy Bear Winning Best of Breed...again!!
I hope that was Halloween.......


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